3 ways to Pass on Faith to the Next Generation

“We don’t create a spiritual life for our children by merely controlling their behavior”- Michelle Anthony

Passing on faith to our children can be a daunting task.  Families seem to squeeze every minute of every day trying to fit in everything that has to be done.  Often times we think that in order to pass along faith to our children means we have to sit down at a table with little Johnny and have a 30 minute Bible Study. Yea, let me know how that goes…. But what if passing on a strong and vibrant faith was something you did as you went to the ball field, as you take the kids to school, as your finishing up homework, as your doing all the things that has be done in a 24 hour day?  The following is just a few ways you can pass along faith to your children as you do this thing called life.

1. Storytelling.… Yep, kids LOVE stories. Even sometimes kids love the same stories over and over. Take those God given opportunities to share a story with your kids about a time God did something in your life. Maybe its just a time that your heard from Him or He helped you out of a situation.  Have you ever told your kids about your salvation experience?  If not, that’s a great  place to start..

2. Out of the Comfort Zone..  As parents, our hearts cringe when we see our children hurting. It is in our nature to rise up and rescue our children from discomfort.  However, the Bible promises that we will endure hardships in this life.(James 1:2)  When your child is enduring a hardship instead of putting on your Super Hero outfit and rescuing them, pull along side them teaching them to dependent upon the Holy Spirit for guidance, wisdom, and comfort.

3. Identity. Ephesians 1 says we have been chosen, adopted, redeemed, sealed, and given an inheritance in Christ. The world would try to convince your kids that they are less than, not smart enough, not fast enough, not rich enough. The enemy will always try to convince  them that they are not enough. Jesus says they are worth dying for! So help your child understand who they are In Christ Jesus.


There are many ways to pass on your faith to the next generation.  Seek the Lord and ask Him how you can impact the next generation for the Glory of the Kingdom.  You can make a Difference!!



References: Spiritual Parenting- Michelle Anthony

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