How to Pray for your Kidz Part 2-

This is the second post in the blog series “How to Pray for your Kidz”.   At this time, we have about 150 kids birth-6 grade, who attend our church regularly.  It is my prayer that a very high percentage to all will accept Christ by the 6th grade, but it is also my prayer […]

Praying for your Kidz Part 1

Ask any Christian parent if they pray for their children and most will either respond with “all the time” or “not nearly enough”. We all know the power of prayer and how crucial it is that we should pray for our children often. I hope this short post will encourage you to pray and give […]

5 Promising Books Guaranteed to Impact your Life.

Reading is an essential part of growing in your faith. In a world of videos, podcast, pictures and such it seems reading has started to take a backseat.  But reading is required to grow in our faith.

3 Things Every Parent should be asking their Elementary Kids

Today’s parent is more busy than any parent in history. We have more to do, places to be, and things to accomplish than ever. Families are always headed to something, leaving something, or getting ready to go somewhere.  Although families are often together, simple conversions seem to elude even the most attentive parent.  Here are […]

3 ways to Pass on Faith to the Next Generation

“We don’t create a spiritual life for our children by merely controlling their behavior”- Michelle Anthony Passing on faith to our children can be a daunting task.  Families seem to squeeze every minute of every day trying to fit in everything that has to be done.  Often times we think that in order to pass […]

Simple steps for teaching your child to pray.

Prayer is powerful. Prayer is a fundamental action of our faith. It is required, it is useful, it is wonderful. Sometimes praying is easy and sometimes its hard. Sometimes it flows and other times we can’t get a word out. But either way Prayer is Powerful. Prayer is talking, prayer is listening, prayer is loud […]