Lesson 178-March 17, 2019: “Priority Relationship”

Lesson 178-March 17, 2019 Lesson: “Priority Relationship” Scripture: Matthew 10: 34-37 Lesson Goal: To understand no relationship in this life should come before or take priority over our rela- tionship with Jesus Christ. Introduction: Please begin todays lesson by reading Romans 1:16. Paul writes, (confesses), that he is not ashamed of the gospel, (the Good […]

Lesson 177-March 10, 2019: “How Important is My Confession?

Lesson 177-March 10, 2019 Lesson: “How Important is My Confession?” Scripture: Matthew 10:32-33 Lesson Goal: To better understand Jesus’ very serious words concerning our, followers of Jesus, open and public confession of Him. Introduction: I pledge allegiance to the LambWith all my strength, with all I amI will seek to honor His commandsI pledge allegiance […]