Lesson 179-March 24, 2019: “Jesus Final Words Before The Disciples Take The Field”

Lesson 179-March 24, 2019 Lesson: “Jesus Final Words Before The Disciples Take The Field” Scripture: Matthew 10:38-42 Lesson Goal: To better understand what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. Introduction: Please explain Warren Wiersbe’s words: “The love in Matthew 10:37 is the motive for the cross in Matthew 10:38. A very […]

Lesson 178-March 17, 2019: “Priority Relationship”

Lesson 178-March 17, 2019 Lesson: “Priority Relationship” Scripture: Matthew 10: 34-37 Lesson Goal: To understand no relationship in this life should come before or take priority over our rela- tionship with Jesus Christ. Introduction: Please begin todays lesson by reading Romans 1:16. Paul writes, (confesses), that he is not ashamed of the gospel, (the Good […]

Lesson 177-March 10, 2019: “How Important is My Confession?

Lesson 177-March 10, 2019 Lesson: “How Important is My Confession?” Scripture: Matthew 10:32-33 Lesson Goal: To better understand Jesus’ very serious words concerning our, followers of Jesus, open and public confession of Him. Introduction: I pledge allegiance to the LambWith all my strength, with all I amI will seek to honor His commandsI pledge allegiance […]

3 Things Every Parent should be asking their Elementary Kids

Today’s parent is more busy than any parent in history. We have more to do, places to be, and things to accomplish than ever. Families are always headed to something, leaving something, or getting ready to go somewhere.  Although families are often together, simple conversions seem to elude even the most attentive parent.  Here are […]