December 9, 2018 Lesson: “No Room for Jesus”

December 9, 2018

Lesson: “No Room for Jesus”

Scripture: Luke 2:7

Introduction: Today we are going to look at a message preached by Dwight L Moody. Please remember this message was preached over a hundred years ago.

Dwight Lyman Moody (1837-1899) is known around the world as one of America’s most effective evange- lists. Converted as a teenager through the witness of his Sunday school teacher, Moody became active in YMCA and Sunday school work in Chicago while pursuing a successful business career. He then devoted his life to evangelism and was used mightily of God in campaigns in both the United States and Great Britain. He founded the Northfield School for Girls, the Mount Hermon School for Boys, the Northfield Bible Conference, and the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Before the days of planes and radio, Moody traveled more than a million miles and addressed more than 100 million people (exert from Classic Sermons On the Birth of Christ).

This message is from the Great Pulpit Master series reprinted in 1972 by Baker Book House:


You will find my text this evening in the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke, a part of the seventh verse: “And laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.” For four thousand years the world had been looking for Christ. Prophets had been prophesying, and the mothers of Israel had been praying and hoping that they might be the mother of that child; and now He has arrived, we find that He is laid in a bor- rowed cradle.

“There was no room for them in the inn.” He might have come with all the grandeur and glory of the upper world. He might have been ushered into this world with ten thousand angels; yea, legions upon legions of an- gels might have come to herald His advent. He might have been born in a palace or a castle. He might have been born upon a throne, if He had chosen to; but He just became poor, for your sake and mine. He passed by mansions and thrones and dominions, and went down into a manger.

The Borrowed Cradle

His cradle was not only borrowed, but almost everything that He had was borrowed. It was a borrowed beast He road into Jerusalem on; it was a borrowed grave they laid Him in. When the Prince of Wales came to this country, what a welcome he received. When the Prince of Russia came to this country, I saw him as he was escorted up Broadway; and cheer upon cheer went up all the way. New York felt honored that they had such a guest.

When the Prince of heaven came down, what kind of a reception did He meet with? There were no hallelujahs from the people He found that there was no room in Jerusalem for Him. When he arrived in Jerusalem not only the king, but all Jerusalem was troubled. When the wise men told Herod: “He is King of the Jews, for we have seen his star in the east,” not only the king upon the throne, but all Jerusalem was in trouble; and eve- ry man that had been looking for Him seemed to be troubled, and the whole city is excited. The king sends out and commands all infants under a certain age to be slain. No sooner the news comes that He is born than the sword is unsheathed, and follows Him, you may say, to Calvary.

And has the world grown better? Is not this world about like that little town in Bethlehem? There is no room for Him. What nation wants Him today? Does this nation want Him? Suppose you should put it to a popular vote, I don’t believe there is a town in the whole republic that would vote for Him. Does England want Him?

there is a town in England or in this country that would vote for Him. In fact, I may say, does the Church of God want Him? We have the forms; we are satisfied with them; but we deny the power. I am ashamed to say that there are many of our churches that really would not want Him.

If Christ Came Today

There would be a different state of things in the Church of God today if Christ should come. A great many church members do not want Him; they say: “My life is not right.” There are very few families in the whole city of New York that would make room for Him. They would make room for the greatest drunkard in New York rather than make room for Him. Don’t think the world is better if it won’t make room for Him. If He should go to Washington, do you think they would make room for Him there? If a man should get up in Con- gress and say, “Thus saith the Lord,” they would hoot him out. If Christ should go there, they would say: “He is too good; and He is too honest; and we don’t want Him; we don’t want honest men.”

Will you make room for Him this afternoon? Young lady, is there room for self? Is there room for the world? Is there room for pride? Is there room for jealousy? Is there room for everyone and everything else but the Son of God? Will you turn Him away, or will you today make room for Him?

Isn’t it the very best thing you can do to make room for Christ? When He made this world, He made room for us, plenty of it. He made room for Himself in our hearts, but a usurper has come. My friends, won’t you let the Son of God into your hearts; and won’t you let Him dwell with you?

The only room the world found for Him was just on the cross. Now, suppose He were to come here, shall He come into this hall, and shall He go through this assembly, and shall He not find room in your hearts and mine? Will your heart be full like that full inn, in Bethlehem, or will you this afternoon, just while I am speak- ing, say, “Lord Jesus, I make room for You in my heart’? Mother, ought not gratitude for him who has made a place for your loved ones in heaven lead you to make room for Him? Won’t you say, “Here is plenty of love; won’t You come and dwell in my heart?” Just the very minute you receive Him, He will come.

Am I speaking this afternoon to some poor fallen woman? Let me say to you, He received just such, an today He will come into your heart if you will just make room for Him. How many are there in this audience today who never have thanked the Lord Jesus for the blessings He has showered upon them? And, my friends, don’t let this beautiful Sabbath pass without saying, “Jesus, there shall be room in my heart for You hereafter,” and then by and by, He will receive you up yonder. If you will make room for Him here in your heart, you may be sure He will make room for you in one of His Father’s mansions. Oh, this day and this hour, my friends, make room for Christ! Dear friends, don’t you want Him? Today won’t you make room for Him? Won’t you just bow your head, and when you pray, pray that each soul who wants Christ may come to Him?