Family Ministry

…But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”-Joshua 24:15

Family Ministry is focused on partnering with families to build great marriages and help parents disciple their children.  Because strong families build strong churches, we are committed to providing the building blocks for a spiritually strong family. At the core of our ministry are five family values:

  • Parents are Primary – Parents are the primary influences in their children's faith formation.
  • Pulling alongside the Holy Spirit- When we as parents and the church understand that God wants to do a great work in our families and through our families, it is beneficial that we pull alongside the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction.
  • Creating the right Environment– Helping parents to create an environment within their home to nurture spiritual growth within themselves and their children and grandchildren.
  • Create a Rhythm – A sense of purpose around our everyday experiences. Increasing the quantity of quality time you spend together.
  • Make it Personal – Parents modeling spiritual growth. As we grow in our faith we are better able to lead our children.

Available Resources


For more information about our Spiritual Parenting Workshops please contact the office.