Lesson 165-October 14, 2018 Lesson: “One Desperate Reach”

Lesson 165-October 14, 2018

Lesson: “One Desperate Reach”

Scripture: Mark 5:21-43-key passage Mark 5:27-34

Lesson Goal: To see and understand Jesus’ healing power (physical and spiritual) toward a woman in com- plete desperation.

Introduction: Today we continue our study of Jesus’ Life and Ministry focusing our attention again to Mark chapter 5. In chapter 5 we find Jesus taking on “what could be called three cases of incurables.” How- ever when Jesus shows up, everything changes. Jesus is Lord over demons, disease, and even death.” (Akin)

There are many things that we can learn from these passages but there are some truly wonderful themes that permeate these specific verses. Some of these themes include: Jesus caring for those who are in the midst of desperate times, Jesus’ overcoming power working in the lives of individuals, and Jesus’ authority and power over demons, diseases, and even death.

In the masses of the multitudes that are following Jesus are two desperate individuals that seek out Jesus in their desperation. One a man names Jairus, a ruler f the synagogue and the other an anonymous woman. Two separate individuals with two very different needs but both bonded in their desperation. Both desiring to make their appeal known to Jesus, hoping that He can do what no one else can do.

(v27) In the literal throngs of people one lowly woman not wanting to face Jesus makes her way behind Him, for she has “heard about Jesus.” She has heard about the miracle working power of this man called Jesus. What exactly she has heard concerning the man Jesus we do not know. But we can reasonably be certain that she has heard some of the stories that are circulating about Him. Perhaps she heard about a man with a with- ered hand that approached Jesus one Sabbath day or it might have been the most recent happening in the land of the Gadarenes. Regardless of the specifics, we know “when she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd.”

(v28) As the woman approaches Jesus from behind, she is on a desperate but yet hopeful mission. If she can just get close enough to touch His garment she truly believes she will be healed. In her heart and soul, she be- lieves. She has heard about Jesus (v27) and now she is seizing the moment to act upon that which she has heard, for in her heart she truly believes.

Her opportunity is now! She may never be this close to Jesus again. He may never walk this way again. At any moment the force of the crowd can push her back and away from Jesus. Her time is now!

Question: What does it mean to make the most of your God given opportunities?

Question: Has procrastination ever robbed you of a blessing? Please explain.

(v29) “Immediately”-How wonderful it is (healing, blessing, answered prayer) when it is immediately. For this dear one by the graces and purposes of God she was healed immediately. What she had experienced for twelve long agonizing years was immediately gone. She had been healed! She was now healed!

Although there may be hundreds surrounding Jesus, one woman has reached out to Jesus with faith in utter desperation. In humility and faith she has reached for the edge (hem) of His garment trusting Him to make her well.

In that split second of time, she understands the reality of it. SHE IS HEALED!!!
(v30) Again we see the word “immediately.” This time it is in the context of Jesus as it was in the previous

context (v29) the woman.

Jesus stops in His tracks and turns around. Now Jesus is about to be face to face with the desperate woman. She can not hide, nor can she quietly disappear in the crowd. She has been made! For Jesus had asked the question “who touched my clothes?” She knew the answer, for she was the answer! For as she had received the healing power of Jesus, Jesus had experienced the power going out of Him to heal her.

“Jesus had taken on her uncleanliness and sickness and imparted to her His purity and health.” Isaiah 53 be- comes a New Testament reality.

The question echoes in the woman’s heart and mind, “Who touched my clothes?”

(v31) The silence of the moment is broken by “His disciples.” Once again in this verse we see the growing or lack there of, of the disciples. All the disciples could see was a mass of humanity, people everywhere, not even enough room to walk without bumping into someone. The disciples offer a confused but minor rebuke to Jesus inferring that this is a ridiculous question with so many people “thronging You.” Once again we are re- minded that the disciples were still growing in their young faith and sometimes they “just didn’t get it.” Brackin

Question: Have there been times in your life when God was doing something or had done something special and you just didn’t get it?

(v32) Sometimes comments are not worthy of a response, such is the case of the disciples’ comment and ques- tion. Jesus will offer them words of instruction and correction but now something more important needs to be dealt with.

(v32) Face to face-Jesus sees her! No place to go, no place to hide, no cover or concealment. Face to face with Jesus.

(v33) The woman with “fear and trembling”, knowing the truth of what she has done, falls down at the feet of Jesus.

Question: What do you think she was thinking as she fell at the feet of Jesus?

All she could do was confess and tell the truth! “She told Him the whole truth.” Was she expecting an embarrassing scolding, or another religious condemnation?

Question: What did she receive from Jesus?

(v34) And He said to her, “Daughter.” The only time in Scripture where Jesus calls someone this. It is a word of heartfelt tenderness and affection.

“Your faith has made you well.” The tense of this verb in the original language is a perfect tense which em- phasizes the present state as a result of completed action.

This dear desperate woman received more than physical healing, she received spiritual healing as well. As a result going in peace “Shalom.”