Lesson 168-January 6, 2019 Lesson Title: “Wasted Opportunity”

Lesson 168-January 6, 2019

Lesson Title: “Wasted Opportunity”

Scripture: Mark 6:1-6

Lesson Goal: To better see and understand the opportunities given to us to respond in faith and follow Je- sus.

Introduction: November was a special blessing to the Mars Hill Baptist family as God taught us new les- sons in life, of Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship. What a glorious month of Thanksgiving! December brought us the Christmas season and the joyous wonders of Christmas and the birth of our Savior. We are all grateful to our children, drama team, choir, and all the leaders for helping us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. For all those that worked behind the scenes to make these special services possible we were blessed by your faithfulness. It is truly a beautiful thing when we each do our part to honor our Lord and exalt His name. God, thank you for allowing us the privilege to serve you at Mars Hill.

Today we return to our lesson series “The Life and Ministry of Jesus.” Today’s lesson marks our one hundred and sixty eighth lesson in this series. What a blessing it has been and I trust will continue to be as we learn together in God’s classroom concerning the life and ministry of Jesus.

Matthew tells us that as Jesus journeyed toward His hometown of Nazareth, He was confronted by two blind men (Matthew 9:27). In Jesus Christ these two blind men found hope. Shortly after the healing of the blind- men, a demon-possessed man who was unable to talk was brought to Jesus. Jesus drove the demon from the man and he was able to speak. Those that witnessed this miracle were amazed (Matthew 9:32-33). The crowd had never witnessed anything like this before. As the crowd responded in amazement at the healing of the de- mon-possessed man, the Pharisees voiced their continued displeasure with Jesus once again accusing Him of casting out the demon by the power of the prince of demons (Matthew 9:34). As many responded to the mes- sage, ministry, and miracles of Jesus in a very positive manner, others grew harder and colder to the very same witness. As more people turned to Jesus as the long awaited Messiah the hostilities from the orthodox reli- gious leadership establishment intensified.

Matthew and Mark both recorded Jesus’ final visit to unbelieving Nazareth (Matthew 13:54-58, Mark 6:1-6a).

Mark 6:1-”came to His own country”- This is a reference to Nazareth, His hometown, the place where He grew up. Jesus had been taught the trade of carpentry in Nazareth.

This visit to Nazareth came about a year after the citizens of the town had attempted to kill Him (Luke 4:16-30).

Please read Luke 4:16-30.

Now about a year has passed and Jesus is returning again to Nazareth but this will be His last visit to His hometown.

Question: Why do you think Jesus would return to the very place where only a year earlier they had attempt- ed to kill Him?

Question: How do we see a picture of God’s grace in Jesus’ return to Nazareth?

Question: What is the significance of this being Jesus’ last (final) visit to Nazareth?

Question: Please think with me for just a moment! If someway, somehow, the folks of Nazareth could be transformed to January 6, 2019 and have the opportunities that we have today of “the rest of the story.” If they could read their story in the New Testament today with the ability to step back in time to the scenes of Luke 4 and Mark 6, do you think their response to Jesus would be different? Please explain.

Please read Luke 16:19-31.
Question: What does this teach and speak to us about making the most of our opportunities?

A truth to think on….One of the torments of hell will be the ability to remember the rejections of God’s grace and God’s mercy!!!!

(v1) “and His disciples followed Him.” As Jesus returns to Nazareth for His second and final visit the apostles are with Him. The disciples are going to be taught some very painful lessons in their training with Jesus dur- ing this time.

(v2) “And when the Sabbath had come, He began to teach in the synagogue.” With Jesus’ reputation growing as a rabbi and teacher, He would have been given an opportunity to speak in the synagogue on the Sabbath.

“And many hearing Him were astonished.” His teaching amazed and astonished those that listened to Him. Being amazed at Jesus is not enough! Please explain. Please consider prayerfully.

“Where did He get these things? And what wisdom is this which is given to Him, that such mighty works are performed by His hands?”

Being amazed by Jesus’ miracles is not enough! Please explain.

(v3) Identifying the Home Boy-”Is this not the carpenter, the son of Mary, and brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon. And are not His sisters here with us?”

Question: What are the questions the people ask as recorded in vv2-3? What do you think was the purpose of these questions? What was the ultimate outcome of these questions?

“So they were offended at Him.”
Question: How did the people of Nazareth view Jesus?

Question: As they asked their questions and reviewed the facts, what was missing from the identifying equa- tion of Jesus?

A + __= C What is missing?
A + B= C
Question: Are you offended at Jesus?

(v4) “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives and in his own house.”

Question: Is it possible to miss the obvious? In Jesus’ case, how could His own brothers and sisters have missed it?

Please explain: That which we become accustomed to may somehow become ordinary no matter how great.

(v5) “Now, He could do no mighty work there, except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them.”

Charles Eidman “The real pathos of the story is expressed in the words which follow the proverb: ‘He could there do no mighty work.’ This is the pity of it all. Where appreciation and love are lacking there our friends can not be, and there we cannot do what otherwise would be possible; where faith is lacking, there Christ, however near, however powerful, cannot, will not, do any mighty work.”

(v6) “And He marveled because of their unbelief.”
Please read Matthew 8:5-10, notice verse 10-Jesus _________________. Now please read Mark 6:6 again.
Question: Is Jesus amazed (marveled) by your faith or by your unbelief?

(v6) “Then He went about the villages in a circuit, teaching.”

As far as the gospels’ record, Jesus left Nazareth never to return!!

Wasted Opportunity! B=FAITH