Lesson 19—I Once Was Lost

Lesson 19—I Once Was Lost

Audion Commentary by David Daniel

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:25

Lesson Goal: To gain a better understanding of the truth: “I once was lost but now I’m found.”

As Peter comes to the conclusion of this passage, he refers again to Isaiah 53. Verse 6 says, “All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one to his own way; And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.” Before we continue with today’s lesson, it would be wise to read again 1 Peter 2:21-24. As you read, meditate on these verses. Focus on the great truth that Jesus took upon Himself our sins—the guilt, the judgment, and the punishment, and bore them for us. Jesus, Peter reminds his readers, is the only shepherd that could rescue and return them from their lostness.

(Verse 25) Peter reminds his readers of what they were before Jesus Christ became their Savior and Lord: “For you were like sheep going astray.”
Wiersbe expounds: “Every lost sinner is like a sheep gone astray; ignorant, lost, wandering, in danger away from the place of safety, and unable to help himself.”
Barclay writes: “Men are all prone to wander and go astray, like silly sheep, which describes the condition of Peter’s readers before their conversion [repentance and trust in Jesus Christ which leads to their following Jesus].”

Peter was not a shepherd by trade; he was a fisherman. But he lived in a country where sheep were raised and valued. Although not a shepherd, he knew a great deal about sheep. He knew the nature of sheep, that they are prone to stray, to get lost and to stay lost without the help of a shepherd. Peter had also gained a great knowledge about sheep by the teachings.
See John 10:1-19 and John 21:15-19.

We have all heard stories of lost dogs or cats traveling great distances to get back home. Not so with sheep. When a sheep becomes lost, it stays lost. Without help, it will forever remain lost. Peter reminds his readers that they too were once lost, wandering aimlessly in their sins. They could not find their way; they would have forever remained lost, had it not been for the Shepherd.

It has been said that in the Old Testament we see sheep dying on the altar for the shepherd, but in the New Testament, we find the shepherd dying for the sheep at Calvary. Read John 10:11.

➢ As we (true believers) remember that we were once lost (in sin), how can we now as followers of Jesus Christ help those who are still lost?

➢ What are some of the world’s seemingly “greener grasses” that attract lost sheep and appeal to them to remain lost? Discuss with prayer and thought.

➢ Literally, what ultimately happens to a lost sheep?
➢ What does death mean to a lost sheep (someone without Jesus Christ)?

➢ What does it mean to us (those who have been rescued by the Savior) that there are many sheep that remain lost—including some of our closest loved ones and our dearest friends?

I write this lesson on this Tuesday morning, October 22, 2012, in the lonely solitude of an empty house. The only sound I hear is the slow drip of a leaking kitchen faucet. As I sit at the dining room table surrounded by books, I feel the loving and tender presence of my dear Shepherd. I sit in a house that once resonated with life and laughter, but now sits as an empty shell of silence. Today, it stands as a testimony of “what was.” My dear people of Mars Hill Baptist Church, my Shepherd reminds me today that I too am a testimony of “what was.” But unlike this special house, I have a different testimony; I once “was” empty, lost and undone, wandering aimlessly in my sin, but the Great Shepherd came and found me. He rescued (saved) me from the destruction of my lostness. I am no longer empty and lifeless. He has filled me with His Spirit and given me eternal life in Him. Praise His Holy Name! Today, I testify to the greatness of my Shepherd, that He would allow me to hear His voice.
Questions and Thoughts for Life Focus
Explain what it means to be lost without Jesus.
Explain what it means to be saved (rescued) by the Shepherd (Jesus Christ).
Take a moment and pray for the lost sheep.