Lesson 45—The Battle is Mine

Lesson 45—The Battle is Mine

Scripture: I Peter 5:9-11

Lesson Goal: To understand that the battle is real and to learn what the true believer should do in the battle.

In verse eight, Peter sounded forth his greatest warning and alarm to the dangers that the followers of Jesus Christ will encounter. Like a mighty trumpet blast, he has sounded the call to prepare for battle. The attack is imminent and impending. As we learned in lesson 44, truly, the battle is real. Now in verse nine, Peter instructs his readers on the actions that should be taken when the battle comes. It is one thing to know the battle is approaching; it is another thing to know what to do when it arrives.

(Verse 9) “Resist him, steadfast in the faith”
“Resist”—Greek word antistete means “to stand against, to withstand, to oppose, to stand firm against. We must be very careful that we do not resist in our own strength or power. In our own strength, we are no match for the forces of evil. In our own power, we cannot stand against, and we certainly cannot defeat, the enemy. There is absolutely nothing in or about us (humanly) that causes Satan to fear. The key to being able to “resist him” is found in the following words of verse nine “firm in your faith.” This is our faith in God, founded upon the Word of God. Please read Matthew 4:1-11.

➢ How did Jesus resist the enemy?


Greek word stereos means solid. Stereos is the word from which comes our English word stereo, meaning balanced.

Read James 4:7 and 1 John 4:4.
“We are to resist the Evil One, not in our own strength but by yielding to the indwelling Holy Spirit. The devil is not afraid of us but he is terrified of the Holy Spirit. As we submit to God, Satan finds himself up against the One who is in us. One who is greater than he” (Phillips).

Thanks to Jesus Christ and His work at Calvary and the empty tomb, satan has been defeated. Read 1 John 3:8, Hebrews 2:14.

Read Ephesians 6:10-13. We are instructed to stand, in order that we can withstand. Unless we stand, we cannot withstand.

➢ What does it mean that in order to withstand we must stand?


Our weapons are the Word of God and prayer. Our protection is the complete armor that God has provided (Ephesians 6:10-18).

Just as David took his stand against Goliath in the power of God, and he trusted in the name of Jehovah, we too are to take our stand in the power of God, trusting in the victorious name of Jesus Christ.

➢ Explain and give biblical examples of the power of the name of Jesus Christ.
“knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world”
Many times, we feel as though we are the only ones being attacked. We may feel attacked as an individual, a parent, a teenager, a mom, a dad. We may feel as though we are completely isolated, bearing the brunt of the attack. But Peter tells us that we are not alone; others are experiencing the same kinds of sufferings, persecutions and battles. Let us remember that satan, through the atrocities of Nero, was inflicting terrible afflictions upon the followers of Jesus Christ. Peter encourages and exhorts his readers to resist satan’s attempts to destroy their faith and the church by terror. He calls for a “Holy Spirit, Christ in you” resolve in the life of the believer, which enables him to be steadfast in the faith. The word steadfast is a military term used by frontline soldiers. Kenneth Weust suggests that the word can be translated “solid front.”
Peter had no doubt witnessed Roman soldiers going through battle drills in which the soldiers stand shoulder-to-shoulder then they interlock their large octagonal shields, forming one solid wall of steel. This wall enabled them to withstand the force of the enemy attack. With this thought in mind, Peter gives instruction that believers are to individually stand and join with other believers in forming a spiritual wall of resistance against the attacks of the enemy. Ask one of the Mars Hill Baptist Church deacons, or someone who has been on a mission trip with me (Bro. Mickey) what it means to “hook’em up.”

(Verse 10) In this verse, Peter calls attention to God’s grace, His marvelous, wonderful, amazing, all-sufficient grace. Grace sufficient for every need in the believer’s life. Grace for living and grace for dying. Grace to overcome the powers that we battle. Grace to face persecution and the persecutor. Grace to help and grace to stand. Grace that will one day lead us home “to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you.”

“perfect”—to put in order, to make complete, to make whole
“establish”—absolute resolve
“strengthen”—to make sturdy
“settle”—to settle as on a firm foundation
These terms detail a strength and immovability that Peter wants all believers to understand, as they face the spiritual battles of this life.

With verse eleven, Peter closes this section by sounding forth his praise and worship to God. He finds strength and rest in the purposes and will of God who is worthy of all our praise!


Questions for Life Focus
Have you ever been engaged in spiritual warfare?



How does the follower of Jesus Christ overcome the battles of the war of this life?



Explain a time in your own life when the all-sufficient grace of God became real to you.



Write your witness of God’s overcoming pow