Life Focus Lessons

Life Focus Lessons

Life Focus lessons are part of the Small Group Sunday School Curriculum at Mars Hill and focus on the Life of Jesus. Using the Book of Mark as the primary source of the lessons gives the reader a first hand look at the Life and Ministry of Jesus. Lessons are written by Pastor Mickey Brackin.

We have recently added an Audio file to the lessons.  At the top of each lesson will be an audio player. You can click play and listen as David Daniel teaches the lesson.  Files are added weekly following the Wednesday Night Teaching Session with Pastor Mickey Brackin.

March Lessons

Lessons 211,212 – March 8,15 – Not So Easy Discipleship Parts II and III

Lesson 213 – March 22, 2020 – Jesus Transfigured on the Mount – Part I

February Lessons

Lesson 207-February 2, 2020 – “Our Authority-Word of God Speak”

Lesson 208-February 9, 2020 – “Jesus-The Messiah-Part I”

Lesson 209-February 16, 2020 – “Jesus the Messiah-Part II”

Lesson 210-February 23, 2020 – “Not So Easy Discipleship”

January Lessons

Lesson 203-January 5, 2020 Lesson: “Sometimes it Just Takes us a While to Get It”

Lesson 204-January 12, 2020 Lesson “I Can See Clearly Now”

Lesson 205-January 19, 2020 Lesson: “Who is this Jesus, Part I”

Lesson 206-January 26, 2020 Lesson: “Who is this Jesus? Part II”

December Lessons

Beloved Mars Hill Church Family

Christmas-December 1, 2019 “The Indescribable Gift”

Christmas-December 8, 2019 Lesson: “From Fear to Praise”

Christmas-December 15, 2019 “Christmas Then and Now”

November Lessons

Thanksgiving Season-November 3, 2019 Lesson: “I Will?”

Thanksgiving Season-November 10, 2019 Lesson: “A Different Perspective-A Testimony of Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving Lesson-November 17, 2019 Lesson: “Giving Thanks”

October Lessons

Lesson 199-October 6, 2019 “No Stumbling this Time”

Lesson 200-October 13. 2019 “Opened Ears and a Loosed Tongue”

Lesson 201-October 20, 2019 “Bread and Fish for the Gentiles??”

Lesson 202-October 27, 2019 “Jesus Walks Away”

September Lessons

Lesson 195-September 1, 2019: “Complaining Disciples, Deserting Disciples” Part I

Lesson 196-September 8, 2019: “Which Way Will You Go?” Part II

Lesson 197 and 198-September 15 and 22, 2019: “Looking Good on the Outside, Rotten on the Inside”

August Lessons

Lesson 191-August 4, 2019: “What Are You Hungry For?”

Lesson 192-August 11, 2019: “The Bread of Life”

Lesson 193-August 18, 2019: “Digging a Little Deeper”

Lesson 194-August 25, 2019: “Is This a Hard Saying?”

July Lessons

Lesson 187-July 7, 2019: “It Must Be A Ghost” Part II

Lesson 188-July 14, 2019: “Lesson Over! Lesson Learned?”

Lesson 189-July 21, 2019: “Is Jesus an Outcast in Your Life?”

Lesson 190-July 28, 2019: “Anybody Hungry?”


June – Studied from  the book “I am A Church Member” by Thom Rainer

May Lessons

Lesson 183-May 5, 2019: “No Rest for the Weary-At Least Not This Day!

Lesson 184-May 12. 2019 “It’s Not Just Another Story!”

Lesson 185-May 19, 2019 “Eyes on the Mission”

Lesson 186-May 26, 2019 “It Must be a Ghost!” Part I

April Lessons

March Lessons

February Lessons

January 2019 Lessons


December Lessons



November Lessons


October Lessons

Lesson 164, Oct 7th “The Common Bond of Desperation

Lesson-165 Oct 14, One Desperate Reach

Lesson 166, Oct 21, Don’t Let Life’s Interruptions Stop Your Faith

Lesson 167, Oct 28, Will I Say Yes Lord?

September Lessons

August Lessons

May Lessons.



April Lessons

March Lessons


Viewable Online Only

January Lessons 2018


December Lessons 2017

November lessons


October Lessons

Lesson 33—Closing the Book of the Past

Lesson 34—A Different Crowd

Lessons 35 & 36—Looking Up and Living Right

September Lessons

Lesson 29—Proclaiming Victory

Lesson 30—The Perversion of Satan

Lesson 31—Baptized with Christ

Lesson 32—Prepare for the Battle


August Lessons

Lesson 25- Suffering and Blessing

Lesson 26-The Believer’s Answer for the Hope

Lesson 27-Conscience and Conduct

Lesson 28-Christ the Example

July Lessons

Lesson 21-Understanding Your Wife

Lesson 22- Understanding Your Wife Part 2

Lesson 23- A Look at Christian Maturity

Lesson 24- The Good Life

June Lessons

Lesson 17-Honoring God in the Workplace

Lesson 18-Suffering for Righteousness Sake

Lesson 19-I Once Was Lost

Lesson 20- Understanding or Misunderstanding

May  Lessons

 Lesson 13- Remember Who You Are

Lesson 14- Behavior that Honors God

Lesson 15- Freedom under Authority

Lesson 16-Christian Responsibility


April Lessons

Lesson 1- The Life of Jesus

Lesson 2- The Death of Jesus

Lesson 3- The Resurrection of Jesus

Lesson 4- The Ascension and Resurrection of Jesus


March Lessons

1 Peter Lesson 10-The Living Stone

1 Peter Lesson 11-Living Stones and a Holy Priesthood

1 Peter Lesson 12-Chief Cornerstone or Stumbling Stone


February Lessons

1 Peter Lesson 6-Fear that Leads to Holiness

1 Peter Lesson 7-For Us

1 Peter Lesson 8- Positional Sanctification-Practical Sanctification

1 Peter Lesson 9-More than Just any Word

January Lessons

1 Peter Lesson 2

1 Peter Lesson 3 Faith Under Fire

1 Peter Lesson 4 Suffering Leads to Glory

1 Peter Lesson 5-Holy Me


December Lessons 2016

Lesson 140-And the Angel Said…

Lesson 141-Mission Accomplished

Lesson 142-His Indescribable Gift

November Lessons 2016

Lesson 136-Jesus Answers the Pharisees
Lesson 137-From Middle Ground to No Ground

Lesson 138-A Thanksgiving Lesson
Lesson 139-Oh Yeah, Christmas is Supposed to be about Giving

October Lessons 2016

Lesson 132- This Woman

Lesson 133- Who’s That Following Jesus

Lesson 134- Is He Crazy?

Lesson 135-Whose Side Are You On?

September Lessons 2016

Lesson 128- Opportunity to Receive/Reject

Lesson 129- Did Jesus Call Me a Baby?

Lesson 130- Jesus Invitation

Lesson 1312- Under the Breath Whisper

August Lessons

Lesson 124- What Am I Battling?

Lesson 125- Jesus I have a Question

Lesson 126-Make No Mistake about John the Baptist

Lesson 127-Once Again, Time will Tell

July Lessons

Lesson 120- The Book of Jeremiah

Lesson 121- The Book of Daniel

Lesson 122- The Book of Isaiah

Lesson 123- The Book of Ezekiel

June Lessons

A Word from Our Life Focus Leaders

Lesson 117-The Untouchables

Lesson 118-Amazing Jesus Amazed

Lesson 119-When Life Meets Death

May Lessons

Lesson 112-Looks Can be Deceiving, Dangerous and Destructive

Lesson 113-Known by Many but Not by Jesus

Lesson 114-Life’s Greatest Reality

Lesson 115-The People’s Response to Jesus’ Sermon

April Lessons

Lesson 108 Keep on Asking, Seeking, Knocking April 3, 2016
Lesson 109 Radical Living April 10, 2016
Lesson 110 The Choice is Yours April 17, 2016
Lesson 111 False Prophets—Ravenous Wolves April 24, 2016

April Life Focus Lessons 2016 PDF Version

March Lessons

Lesson 104-The Clock is Ticking

Lesson 105- Improper Judging

Lesson 106-Proper Judging that can Lead to Mourning

Lesson 107- If There was no

March Lessons PDF


February Lessons

Lesson 100- Seeing Clearly

Lesson 101- The Master of My Life

Lesson 102- The Worth of Worry

Lesson 103- The Price of Worry

Febuary Lessons PDF form

January Lessons

Lesson 96- The Lord’s Prayer (Part 1)

Lesson 97- The Lord’s Prayer (Part 2)

Lesson 98- Look How Spiritual I Can Be

Lesson 99- Investing Eternally

Download the whole month for offline use here January 2016

December Lessons

Lesson 92- The Ultimate Mission Trip

Lesson 93- The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Lesson 94- The Ultimate Good News

Lesson 95- The Ultimate New Beginning

PDF Version lessons 92-95 Web copy pdf

November Lessons

Lesson 88- Why I do what I do

Lesson 89- My Prayer Life-Part 1

Lesson 90- My Prayer Life- Part 2

Lesson 91- The Blessing of Giving Thanks

 PDF Version Lessons 88-91

October Lessons

Lesson 84-Divorce (Where Preachers Fear to Tread)

Lesson 85- I Trust Jesus, But Can He Trust Me?

Lesson 86- The Second Mile

Lesson 87-Amazing Love

September Lessons

Lesson 80- Obeying Jesus- Making it Right with a Pure Heart

Lesson 81- A Heart Totally Surrendered

Lesson 82- Remember That!

Lesson 83-Overcoming Sexual Sin


August Lessons

Lesson 76-Raising the Bar

Lesson 77-Where Preachers fear to Tread

Lesson 78- Anger- The Smoldering Simmering Kind

Lesson 79-The Danger of Anger

July Lessons

Lesson 72- My Freedom, Standing on Jesus

Lesson 73- My Faith, Salvation in Jesus Christ

Lesson 74- My Family, Sanctified in Christ

Lesson 75- My Future- Secure in Christ

June Lessons

Lesson 68- Not Here to Destroy

Lesson 69-Jesus You Deserve My Thanks

Lesson 70-My Master

Lesson 71-It Doesn’t Get More Radical than This

April Lessons

Lesson 60

Lesson 61

Lesson 62

Lesson 63

May Lessons

 Lesson 64

Lesson 65

Lesson 66

Lesson 67