MHBC Photographer/Videographer

MHBC Photographer/Videographer

Here at Mars Hill we take pride in our people and what God is doing among us.  We have slowly been increasing our media team and we want to expand it again. We have a desire to empower a few people to become a team of Photographers and Videographers for all events at Mars Hill Baptist.  This is not for a camera operator in the main services.   This team will be under the leadership of Larry Smith and a part of the Media Team.

Position Description:

As a member of the Media Team, the primary role of the person serving in this position is to take pictures and video before, during, and after the following events:

  • Sunday and Wednesday Services
  • Special Events
  • Conferences
  • Game Nights
  • Camps
  • VBS
  • Youth Trips, ETC
  • This role serves all ministries of Mars Hill Baptist Church

Commitment: The commitment expected for the person who is serving in this role is as follows

  • Team Members take this commitment seriously. Commitment is made to Jehovah God first then the church
  • Team Members make a 12 month commitment, with option to re-commit yearly
  • Team Members Serve Weekly or Bi-Weekly and As Needed
  • If you are unable to maintain the commitment it is expected that you would notify the appropriate person and let the know.


Mars Hill will provide training on equipment, software, policies, and procedures. The person filling this role would also be expected to continue learning and improving to become the best they can be in this role.

Code of Conduct:

As a team member it is expected that you would adhere to the Mars Hill code of Conduct for those who serve on the Media Team.  You can read a copy of the Code of Conduct here.

This is a non paid role and any and all services are on a voluntary basis.

If your interested in applying for this role, fill in the form below and submit.

MHBC Photographer/Videographer