Not Afraid- Kidz series

Not Afraid- Kidz series

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April Kidz Series

Text: Psalm 23
Big Idea of the Series: This 3 week series emphasizes the words LORD, MY, and SHEPHERD from Psalm 23, detailing the kind of leader God is to his people.

Week 1: The LORD is my shepherd
Topic: Spiritual Renewal
Text: Psalm 23:1-3
Big Idea of the Text: God guides us spiritually, offering us grace, forgiveness, and hope. He is our Lord.


Week 2: The Lord is MY shepherd
Topic: Peace
Text: Psalm 23:4
Big Idea of the Text: God is with us during difficult moments, offering us peace and comfort when life is rough. He is cares about YOU.

Week 3: The Lord is my SHEPHERD
Topic: Provision
Text: Psalm 23:5-6
Big Idea of the Text: Like a good shepherd, God takes care of our needs. He is our provider.