Simple steps for teaching your child to pray.

Simple steps for teaching your child to pray.

Prayer is powerful. Prayer is a fundamental action of our faith. It is required, it is useful, it is wonderful. Sometimes praying is easy and sometimes its hard. Sometimes it flows and other times we can’t get a word out. But either way Prayer is Powerful. Prayer is talking, prayer is listening, prayer is loud at times and quiet at others. Sometimes our prayers are coupled with smiles and feelings of joy while others times our prayers reflect our sadness and confusion. Either way Prayer is powerful!!   If there is one thing you must teach your child, it is how to pray.  The month of June we are devoting each Sunday Morning to teaching the fundamentals of prayer to the kids from 1st grade to 6th grade and reinforcing it on Wednesday nights during our Summer fun nights campaign.  Here are a few simple steps you can take to help your kids learn to pray.


1. Prayer is just talking.  Help your child to understand that prayer is just talking to God like a friend, mom, or dad. Its a conversation where they can tell God everything. They can tell God how they feel, the things they want or need, or even when they think you are being mean to them. They need to understand that God is always waiting for them to talk to Him, on the playground, at  home, at church, or even at school.

2. Model prayer. The quickest way to teach your kids to pray is to let them hear you praying.  Pray about things out loud. It doesn’t have to be all formal and such, just talk to God out loud in front of them. Use small phrases to acknowledge that you lean on God sometimes.

3. Testify. Tell your kids often about various times that God has answered your prayers. Share with your kids about things your currently praying about.When you develop a pattern of prayer, out loud and in front of your children they will begin to pick up on it. When they see what God has done in your life through prayer they will want to pray.

That’s it. These three small things can have a huge impact on your kids prayer life if done consistently over a period of time.  Prayer is key to our faith, we can’t have faith without it.  There will come a day when your child will not have you to depend upon and in that moment their situation or circumstance can change as a result of prayer. Prayer is Powerful.


Billy Redd

Family Pastor

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