Thanksgiving Season-November 10, 2019 Lesson: “A Different Perspective-A Testimony of Thanksgiving”

Lesson: Thanksgiving Season-November 10, 2019
Lesson: “A Different Perspective-A Testimony of Thanksgiving”
Scripture: Psalm 100
Lesson Goal: To be more thankful.

Introduction: At the end of each month we gather our unused Life Focus materials and give them to other churches or ministries. Those that are not given away we store away to be used at later times. After picking up the unused (so I thought) literature at the end of November 2014 and placing in a storage container, I went back to check the conditions of the books before passing them onto another ministry. As I scanned the books for wear and tear I came across one that had been written in during the November study. It did not have a name nor was there any names placed in the book, just the honest, simple answers from a heart of truth.
In today’s lesson I want to share with you that lesson from November 2014 but with the answers and commentary of one of our own. Who this person was (is) completely irrelevant or unimportant. What is important is the honesty of their Thanksgiving Testimony.

Have you ever noticed how as parents we quickly teach our children to express their gratitude and say, “Thank you”? Most parents remember the first time their child said, “Thank you,” without any prompting or bribing. It was truly one of those memorable moments-a :fist-pumping yes” moment of life. Parents take special de-light in their children expressing gratitude and appreciation. With those childhood “thank you,” parents hope they are establishing attitudes of appreciation and gratefulness that will last a lifetime.

Question: How can parents set the examples for their children concerning the attitude of a grateful heart?

 Be deliberate yourself, being polite, saying thank you, doing the right things. Your children see what you do more than hear what you say.

 Your children will treat others (their husband/wife) the way you treat yours.

Question: Have you personally ever prayed a prayer of total thanksgiving? Without asking or petitioning, have you ever prayed total thanks unto God?

 Don’t know that I have. Most of the time my prayer is about me.
Psalm 100:1
The theme of this great Psalm is worship. It is primarily a call to worship. The Psalm was sung at the entry into the temple. It is a call to worship God, a call for people from “all lands” to worship Him. “The words make a joyful noise,” or “make a joyful shout” in the Hebrew language, are an energized command with refer-ence to public praise. There is certainly an appropriate time and place to honor Him with the joyful shout of public praise. The appropriate time and place should be defined by all honor to Him, all glory to Him, and led by the Holy Spirit as He moves in the hearts of His people.

Question: What makes you shout? In your life, what makes you respond or react with a shout?

 It’s corporate, we affect each other. What if one Sunday we all gave all we have?

Football=we shout because we love it.

(v2) “Serve the Lord with gladness.”
With a gladness of heart, the worshippers of God were instructed to express their worship. In verse two, we find the motive, aim, and spirit of the service rendered to God in worship. It is to be done with a joyful heart, expressing the gladness of serving Him, This gladness of heart is an attraction to others to worship God. Wor-ship was to be joyful and done with gladness of heart.

Question: Why should our worship be a joyful kind of worship?

 First=To be able to celebrate you’ve got to have something to celebrate-can’t be contrived. Vandy fan can’t really celebrate much!!! Can’t be contrived. WE HAVE SOMETEHING TO CELEBRATE!!!

Question: What are some ways we express our joy in worship?

I didn’t grow up in a hand raising church. PRAY THAT GOD GIVES YOU THAT FREEDOM.
It is much easier to worship when all around you are.

Question: What does the countenance of a person say about worship?

 “Look on your face.” Example: Lunch lady-it doesn’t appear like she enjoys her job. Doesn’t make me want to be a lunch lady.

 Does your attitude in worship show such that others want what you have??? Are you excited to invite peo-ple to MHBC because of what they’ll find???

(v3) “Know that the Lord, He is God.”
This is a great and glorious declaration. It is the confession of a genuine faith. From the Old Testament mind-set, no greater truth could be known and expressed. It literally meant “Yahweh alone is God.”

Question: How do we continually express our worship to God?

How you ever heard someone say, :Who do they think they are, God???” Means they made up their own rules, did what they wanted to do.

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, can you think of a better occasion then this to spend a little time meditat-ing on worship and thanksgiving to God?

(v4) “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving., And into His courts with praise.” These words were actually sung as people entered the sanctuary. They were words of instruction for the worshippers to enter the sanctu-ary with the mindset of worship and praise.

Question: This morning, do you have anything to praise Him for? Is there true thanksgiving in your heart? Will you write a brief testimony of thanksgiving?

 You’ll have a better Sunday if you’ll prepare during the week. SPORT TEAM-why do you practice??? (Basketball) Can’t just show up and expect to have a great game.

Why do we spend no time with God during the week and then expect Him to bless us on Sunday???

(v5) “For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting and His truth endures to all generations.”

Question: In your own words, prayerfully explain the goodness of God.

As we (true believers) understand the wonder of God’s grace and faithfulness, we can’t help but praise Him.

Question: How do your express your thanksgiving to Him?

Question: Is Thanksgiving Day truly a day of thanks giving for you and your family?

Question: Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions that are a part of your life and family?