Mars Hill Women

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The women of Mars Hill are a strong family of ladies from all walks of life. With a such a diverse group of women you are sure to connect with someone. Mars Hill is a place where you can grow into the women God has created you to be. mhwomenc_Fotor

Being a women in today’s world can be a great challenge. It seems that women of today are expected to live up to standards that are impossible to attain. From magazine covers to Hollywood produced movies, women are expected to be a super hero.  Most days you can make it but every now and then the walls fall and the burden of being a mom, a wife, a boss, a house cleaner, an accountant is too much to bear. As a Mars Hill Women you will be surrounded by ladies who are walking the same path, feeling the same pressures but have one common goal, and that is to seek the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords

Upcoming Events
Women’s Prayer Meeting-
3rd Monday Night of each month @ 7 PM in the Main Worship Center